How it all began

Before embarking on this thrilling journey into fashion, I had never personally worn Jewelry. I did, however, always seek out beauty in Nature and the cultures of locations I have visited and lived in. One day I realized that I wanted to instill this beauty into stunning creations and share them with the whole world. As a young woman at that time, I understood though that this idea required all my courage and perseverance.

Designing jewelry came as a sudden revelation after I had collected experiences from my travels and life. My moment of clarity came when I was living in Australia and I came across a local designer whose work I admired very much. Getting to know her and her family, which owned a bead shop offering beading classes, led me in the direction to my future success.

I discovered I was hungry to learn new skills to communicate my inner passion and to find a greater inner peace through expression. I hadn’t realised just how much material I had stored up from my earlier travels until those ideas started pouring out through jewelry design and creation. Discovering such passion is intoxicating, I can promise you!

Having been inspired by Nature’s beauty, its Summer and Autumnal colors, by the sea and its beaches, and the natural exotic beauty of women throughout Asia and Australia’s Gold Coast and with my new-found creative skills, I started designing my own pieces. When I started receiving orders and building a base of loyal customers, my confidence grew and this has excited further creations that come from my inner self, my imagination, positive memories, how I experience the world and feel my surroundings.


I am ceaselessly fascinated by the different colors, shapes, materials and textures of jewelry designs. I am still impressed by the fact that simple stones, metals, and beads brought together are able to be turned into stunning creations, inspired by the natural world but which reflect the inner world, ideas and even the entire story of their creator. It’s not just a piece of jewelry – it’s a soul! New pieces are born from the calmness I find in meditation and from this stillness emerge the colors, schemes and patterns that I have seen.

My search for fashion knowledge and inspiration continues, observing the natural and feminine world around me, discovering ideas from history, museums and art galleries.

All the dots of my journeys have joined up and have led me finally to Switzerland, where I am now based. I’m finally home and living my dream, which I hope you will want to share with me. I have a clear goal to create a new fashion in-demand brand and I’m going to achieve it. Today, I’m fulfilling my dream and I’m ready to share my inner beauty with your inner beauty through the Royal Beast Design jewelry.

Royal Beast Design – what is it?

This brand is inspired by my travels, by art, and by my everyday surroundings. Rich colours of metals, gemstones, crystals, shells and wood are combined in one luxurious style ㅡ boho-chic (bohemian style). It is everyday fashion but at affordable prices.

The main feature of Royal Beast Design is a combination of contrasting materials. It is a mysterious mixture of luxury and the natural world – precious metals and wood, gemstones and seashells from exotic locations like Australia’s Gold Coast, with its unique silky, colourful, wavy style, for example. It seems that these are incompatible materials, but in fact, their combination is a symbol of freedom and even of fateful beauty. And who says that a lady can not be different and contradictory, tender and passionate, timid and wild at the same time? Who knows what kind of powers such a mix will bring out in you?

What is boho exactly? This jewelry embodies luxury, wealth and… accessibility! And we know that every girl deserves to look stunning and sensual. Boho-chic displays all the strings of the changeable soul, its spectrum of impulses and the need for expression. And bohemian style is an excellent form of self-expression.

My vision of this brand is creating fashion jewelry that will be recognised and loved among all fashionistas. It is the best gift ever for my stylish girlfriends. So, ladies? Are you ready to rock your social circles with the jewelry of Royal Beast Design?