Boho-chic: how to combine incompatible

Style of freedom, separation from established rules and canons. Style of changeability, protest and riskiness. It perfectly emphasizes individuality, rewards with an unforgettable charisma and unique charm. The best world designers include it in their fashion collections. And in 2017, this style reached the peak of its popularity and became the style of the year.

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Mysterious Stones: Malachite

Malachite is the stone of fulfillment of desires. Since ancient times its green color was considered magical and extraordinarily valuable. Malachite is very beautiful stone, useful in treatment, in demand for decorative art and jewelry. The Egyptian woman adorned their faces with a powder of this mineral. It was the first natural cosmetic – eyeshadows and eyeliner.

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Mysterious Stones: Agate

Agate has so many varieties that every fashionista will find a favorite color of this stone. The main feature of agate is its stripedness. It is multi-layered and multicolored. Perhaps, that is why this stone is credited with several magical and healing properties, the main of which is protection from misfortunes. What other secrets does agate keep between its colorful layers? Let’s discover them together! Continue reading “Mysterious Stones: Agate”