Mysterious Stones: Agate

Agate has so many varieties that every fashionista will find a favorite color of this stone. The main feature of agate is its stripedness. It is multi-layered and multicolored. Perhaps, that is why this stone is credited with several magical and healing properties, the main of which is protection from misfortunes. What other secrets does agate keep between its colorful layers? Let’s discover them together!

The healing properties of agate

Do you often suffer from a cold? Forget about this trouble, because jewelry with agate can cure diseases of the throat and relieve coughing. They also successfully cope with pain in the stomach, with poisonings, with toothache and even with convulsions. The strength of the stone is so great that it alleviates the condition of patients with goiter.

If you take a handful of sleeping pills or can not find a good dreamcatcher, try to buy any jewelry with agate. You will be surprised to learn how quickly and effectively agate struggles with insomnia and nightmares.

Magic properties of agate

This stone is considered as a talisman of healers and astrologers. It protects from the evil eye and negative, takes the whole bad energy away. Agate helps overcome the dislike, the machinations of enemies. Jewelry that is made of agates gives to its owner a keen sense of thought, a smooth speech, a gift of persuasion.

The visual variety of stones, features of drawings on them are reflected in ancient beliefs. Agate was a symbol of fertility in Egypt. In Europe it was believed that this stone attracts wealth, improves health. Hindus still associate the stone with prosperity in any sphere of human life.

Each agate protects its own sphere of life. For example, it is better for children to choose a white stone. It will serve as a good talisman from the evil eye. It also gives health. A white talisman is associated with hope, tranquility, gentleness, kindness and protection from any kind of evil.

Amulet with gray agate protects from conflicts and anger. It will bring justice and balance to its owner. Brown-gray stone is for careerists, but only for those who are determined and moderately ambitious. Pure yellow amulet has a similar property, but, in addition, it raises the mood, gives vivacity. Golden agate promotes inspiration. It charges with energy, vitality. Yellow-brown one helps to get along with important people. This kind of agate is capricious, it will never help someone who does not believe in its power. Brown stone successfully solves the unforeseen circumstances.

If you want to meet your love and get a chance for family happiness, then you need a red talisman. The blue amulet protects love, it also awakens inspiration, inner harmony.

Agate and the signs of the Zodiac

Astrologers believe that agate is a stone of Taurus, Gemini, Cancer. Wearing jewelry with agate, Taurus calm their anger, discover patience. Agate with black stripes is more suitable for this sign – it gives determination, helps to achieve goals, ensures success.

The amulet made of agate will make the too active Gemini more calm. People of this sign often rush between their hobbies, it is very hard for them to make a choice. But this amulet will give them permanence. Gemini with an agate jewelry will succeed in any business where endurance and patience are needed.

Cancer is a sign of insecure, vulnerable people. A multi-layered stone will make the life of a cautious, timid, but creative Cancer happy.

In general, agate is good for all signs of the Zodiac. It certainly brings good luck.

Choosing jewelry with agate in the Royal Beast Design, you buy not only a beautiful thing, but also an excellent amulet against the evil eye!

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