Mysterious Stones: Malachite

Malachite is the stone of fulfillment of desires. Since ancient times its green color was considered magical and extraordinarily valuable. Malachite is very beautiful stone, useful in treatment, in demand for decorative art and jewelry. The Egyptian woman adorned their faces with a powder of this mineral. It was the first natural cosmetic – eyeshadows and eyeliner.

So, are you ready to learn this magnificent stone of beauty better?

The healing properties of malachite

If you suffer from frequent allergies, skin rashes, this mineral will be a pleasant surprise for you. Some followers of alternative medicine even sprinkle the damaged skin with a powder made from malachite. This stone also positively affects the condition of the hair. And if you buy a hair jewelry with malachite, then the hair growth will noticeably increase.

For those who have frequent lung diseases, it is better to wear malachite necklaces. The same goes for people suffering from bronchial asthma. Mineral will relieve inflammation and spasms, will ease breathing.

In ancient times healers made special malachite plates. They were applied to the patient’s body in those places where the person felt rheumatic pains. Even now, malachite is used to treat orthopedic and neurological diseases. The color and energy of the stone positively affects the nervous system, soothes, relaxes. Mineral eliminates distraction, helps to concentrate, increases efficiency. If you wear malachite in May, it will help you to get rid of insomnia and melancholy.

To restore, improve or maintain visual acuity, it is recommended to wear earrings or head jewelry with malachite.

Magic properties of malachite

As already mentioned, malachite is able to fulfill desires. Ancient manuscripts indicate that malachite is a conductor between earthly life and higher cosmic forces. Legends describe cases when a mineral helped its owner become invisible or learn teleportation. It was believed that the liquid, having drunk from the malachite bowl, could give an opportunity to understand the language of animals. Of course, these are just legends, fairy tales, rumors… Or not?

Nice news for single ladies – this green jewelry attracts men. However, women should be cautious, since such an amulet attracts not only good people. Therefore, ladies are recommended to wear malachite in combination with silver, which cleanses the people’s thoughts.

Mineral helps people who are not self-confident and do not like their appearance. Such jewelry allows you to believe in yourself, improve self-esteem, give determination, self-confidence. The development of sexuality is also a merit of malachite.

The mineral is suitable for representatives of creative professions. But these people must correctly select metals for malachite. For example, theater-goers should better buy a malachite product with white metal. But writers, journalists, speakers should choose a copper frame. If you are not sure which metal will suit you more, you better buy jewelry with simple environment friendly metals.

Also malachite amulets and talismans can help with:

  • defense from witchcraft, black magic;
  • reduction of pain syndromes (during severe illnesses or the postoperative period);
  • protection from diseases.

Malachite and the signs of the Zodiac

Malachite perfectly suits Taurus, Aries and Leo. But most of all it is attached to Libra. Wearing this stone, Libra becomes stunning and extraordinarily charming. Malachite gives nice eloquence to this sign of the zodiac. Libra ceases to be too changeable in mood and acquire the exact goal. This sign also receives reliable protection from ill-wishers.

Aries become less impulsive, lose their obstinacy. Taurus begin to understand what is happening around, to look for causes of unhappiness in all surrounding events. Malachite relieves Leo of doubts and negativity.

Sagittarius, who wears this mineral, becomes an excellent friend, mentor and teacher, who easily shares new knowledge. Capricorn gets a good sleep, discretion. Aquarius leaves disappointment, forgets old grievances. Pisces concentrate attention only on important things, gain the ability to make the right choice, to think clearly.

However, for Virgo, Scorpio and Cancer are not recommended to wear malachite jewellery.









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