Boho-chic: how to combine incompatible

Style of freedom, separation from established rules and canons. Style of changeability, protest and riskiness. It perfectly emphasizes individuality, rewards with an unforgettable charisma and unique charm. The best world designers include it in their fashion collections. And in 2017, this style reached the peak of its popularity and became the style of the year.

Bohemian style, or boho-chic – so, what is it?

The main features of boho

Despite its diversity and unpredictability in combinations, Bohemian style still has several unique characteristics that are inherent only to it. Conditionally, we can distinguish four lead features:

  1. several layers. It does not mean that you can wear as many clothes as possible. This variant looks ridiculous. Boho-chic allows you to wear dresses with vests, skirts with leggings, and on top it’s nice to throw a shawl or a handkerchief. At the same time blouses, sweaters can be elongated and this also visually creates a new layer. However, the complete fashion look should seem a little bit sloppy, but elegant, and not cause a feeling that you have lost your luggage and were forced to put on your grandmother’s wardrobe;
  2. bright colors. Bohemian style offers you the ability to be unforgettable and stunning. It also makes other people keep their eyes on you and be fascinated by your appearance. If you want people to notice you at first sight, boho-chic is all you need. At the same time this kind of fashion view can include calm and matte tones. Blue, pink and light grey colors make your look tender, sensual and airish;
  3. natural or at least semi-natural (mixed) fabrics. We already know that this style prefers combination of civilization and naturalness, roughness and softness. Talking about materials, it is necessary to say that boho-chic requires natural fabrics mostly. Cotton, linen, silk are in demand. Wool, fur, velvet, leather, suede and organza would be a good choice too;
  4. lush decorating. Braid? Yes! Perhaps, a fringe? Of course! How about tapes? Certainly! Or lace? As much as possible! The Bohemian look needs really well-marked decorations. Bright embroidery, floral prints, ethnic ornaments are also an integral part of such appearance. But be careful! The line between an elegant boho-chic and a vulgar flower bed is very thin.

Boho in clothes

To avoid a ridiculous appearance, you need to combine colors of clothes correctly. Bohemian style should show an elegant taste, and not its total absence. Therefore, 1 or 2 colors should prevail. You can (and even have to) use bright additional tones but in less amount, so you will not look too colorful. The basic colors should be closer to natural shades – beige, pink, blue.

Lightness and convenience are the main characteristics of such clothes. Air, light, translucent fabrics are mixed with coarse-looking, but soft-to-touch materials.

Knitted clothing is a hit of this style. Any manual work in clothes in combination with more stringent materials is also considered a manifestation of the boho-chic. Unusual combinations are the basis of this style, as you can see. Here are some examples of clothes for boho style:

  • top – cardigan with “village” (thick filaments, a noticeable distance between them) knitting, translucent shirts with a vest or a sleeveless jacket, velvet or corduroy jacket, also a jacket of a man’s cut, bolero, leather mustard trench, short fur coat etc;
  • bottom – shabby jeans, velor and velvet trousers, short corduroy, leather or denim skirts, maxi-skirts, vintage trousers and so on.

Boho in shoes

Bohemian style does not welcome excessive refinement, so it does not accept thin heels. And high ones, too. Some kind of exceptions are high-heeled boots with a stable heel. There is a special demand for cowboy mustard or beige shoes with a rounded toe. Also you can find a separate summer version of this footwear. These are light thin boots with openwork weaving or knitting instead of dense warm materials. This kind of footwear emphasizes the ideas of freedom in boho-chic as well as possible.

Flat-soled ballet shoes and sandals are appropriate too. It is important to know that sandals must necessarily be in the ethnic style – Greek, Roman or African. Sheepskin felt boots are suitable for cold seasons.

Boho-chic in accessories

As many varieties of accessories – so many tips and advices. Let’s start from the top:

  • head jewelry. Flowers, flowers and flowers ones more. Ribbons, rims, hairpins, combs and brooches for hair in the form of flowers is a stylish choice. It is great to mix thin chains and big flowers – natural or not. Feathers, thin dense leather straps look no less good. Also use wide or cowboy hats;
  • earrings. Hanging Byzantine earrings reveal the idea of this style most of all. Jewelry with mix of the skin and feathers look incredible. Natural stones, beads are suitable too. It is not necessarily for the earrings to be expensive or include precious stones and metals. It is enough if they symbolize a harmonious connection with nature. However, small inclusions of silver do not interfere. It is better to take environment friendly metals for basis;
  • glasses. There is only one simple but important thing you should know about this king of accessories. Try to wear big round glasses. That is all;
  • necklaces. Leather, metals, stones, shells – all this can be combined in Bohemian style. Sliced, flowing thin flaps of cotton and woolen fabrics are a distinctive feature of boho-chic. In other styles they look like poor rags, spoiled details. But Boho perfectly transforms them into stylish things. A heavy pendant or an African necklace made from natural stones will show your excellent taste. Short or long ones – it does not matter;
  • belts. You will surprise knowing that a simple colorful shawl can look pretty on your trousers or jeans. Belt made of leather is your trendy helper. It can be worn not only with skirts or trousers but also with oversize dresses and blouses;
  • bracelets and rings. Mexican bracelets are the best. These accessories include different gemstones, thin silver chains, multicolored tissues braided in pigtails, shells, wood beads and so on. Good news for you, stylish fashionistas: such bracelets can be worn not only on wrists, but also on your ankles. It is a nice variant for the beach walks. What about rings, choose ones in Arabic style. They can look a bit massive, so choose thin frames, but better do not refuse large natural stones.

And flowers, girls. Do not forget about flowers!

Hairstyle of boho-chic for boho-chick

Like clothes, the hairstyle in Bohemian style should be light and a bit careless. As if you just washed dishes, and not worked hard for two hours to make a “natural” styling on your head. Forget about varnishes, foams, mousses, gels and other cosmetics designed to keep your hair in strict shape. Naturally and easy curled hair look great, the curls out of the hairstyle are even better.

Find out more closely with all kinds of hairpins. The contrast between a slightly disheveled hairdo and gorgeous sparkling accessories looks amazing, coquettishly teases men.

If you are the lucky owner of long straight hair, braid them. Hairstyle should not be perfectly tightened. Do not collect all the hair in pigtails, it is best to leave most of the hair loose and free for playing with warm breeze on the beach or light wind on the streets. Take a closer look at the hippie hairstyles – they are amazing.

Still not sure whether you should try on a boho-chic? Then here are two convincing arguments. The first one: Bohemian style is adored by Sarah Jessica Parker, Kirsten Dunst, sisters Olsen, Kate Moss and Johnny Depp (OMG, JOHNNY DEPP, GIRLS!). The second one: do not waste time on long searches for accessories of this style, because Royal Beast Design has collected everything you need here. Look, choose and buy – it’s so easy!

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